/ Flower Visage

Hiraga Mari



Why did Hiraga Mari decide to integrate the concept of 'water' into the exhibition? Also, what is the significance of 'Tomoe' in Noh to the artist? Hiraga Mari shares the beauty of art and Noh by talking about the artworks on display in the following video and text.

Flower Visage

No one knows about life today
Flower petals falling know this world is empty and ephemeral
Running water doesn’t have a mind but still purifies nature
The world is all serene
Circle of pleasure

Consideration gives rise to tenacity
The mind floats in the air and becomes a flower
Following a shadow that doesn’t exist
The gap between the moments can’t be seen
Whimsical shadows are dancing
Shadows are losing places to go
Flowers become embers and eventually they become memories

Memory is an illusion
The mirror before one's own eyes is no longer a mirror
Everything is in a fog being pulled into the swirling white world
Consciousness acknowledges existence
Existence comes from recognition

Shapes change into both ogres and deities
A match for a thousand
The appearance of the flowers
The kindness of bravery becomes a love of dedication
Tears shedding under the shade of a pine tree

A single flower petal in the warm light
Slowly fluttering, falling becoming a beautiful Hanaikada*
Goes away

If wishes come true
Moonlight reflected on pure water
Go boating
Once again with you
Like on that day

—Mari Hiraga, Flower Visage, 2021, ALIEN Art Centre

*Hanaikada: The scene that the clusters of cherry blossoms that float along the surface of a body of water after fluttering down from nearby trees.

Courtesy of Mari Hiraga

Mari Hiraga © Courtesy of the artist