/ 《The hidden memories》

Mayday Ashin、Maywa Denki

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《The hidden memories》

Ashin X Maywa Denki

Two-channel video installation, the hidden memories, is co-created by singer-songwriter Ashin and Maywa Denki from Japan Ashin reinterprets the idea that the happiness of loving and guarding someone might have an expiration date; but when rememberance becomes invisible and submerged in time, one should never forget the beauty and experiences gained along the journey. Extracting the essential imagery from Ashin’s interpretation of the song, Maywa Denki translates the passing time loaded with emotions and feelings into the mood for reading, creating a set of new wooden instrument-books, entitled BUNKOGAKKI, to be used in composing fresh melodies and respond to Ashin’s music.

Displayed on the table and bookshelf are newly developed instruments in the form of books; they include wooden block, ocarina, kalimba, toy piano and ukulele. The seven musical books constitute an experience that engages the sense of hearing and visual exploration while revealing an alternative sense of humor. Maywa Denki calls these unique musical instruments “nonsense machines,” For this reason, they specially put the names of the musical instruments on the book spines, for example “Kalimba”, as if it is a pocket book regarding to the knowledge of kalimba. When playing the “kalimba,” its sounds conjure up African scenes in our mind. BUNKOGAKKI is a project that aims to create musical instruments to collect sonic memories from around the world. The series will become a set of sonic encyclopedia when it reaches BUNKOGAKKI Vol. 100. When Maywa Denki’s passion for machines and artisan spirit for handcrafted objects meet the fresh music interpretation by rock'n'roll poet Ashin, people’s feelings and imagination for machines will be awakened.

※ Precaution in the Exhibition : Regarding the books on the wall and the musical instruments in the form of book collection on the platform (that is, the President playing the musical instrument in the film), please watch it without touching it.

Provided by MoCA Taipei

《The hidden memories》
Medium|Two-Channel Video Installation
Size|Dimensions Variable

Medium|Wood, Metal, Synthetic Resin
Size|14.8cmx10.5cmx3 cm,2 sets & 7 pieces per set
年份 Year|2019


Music Production
Sub Author|Kevin Yi
Lyrics & Composer|Toshiko Ezaki(OT : SORE ZORE NI)
Arranger|Agwen Yu、Steven Lai、ChaCha(ZANI)
Acoustic Guitar|ChaCha(ZANI)、Steven Lai
Acoustic Guitar Recording|CHIU CHIEN CHUN @ 玩痛錄音室
Electric Guitar|ChaCha(ZANI)、Robin(ZANI)
Backing Vocal Arrangement|Cola Kai、ChaCha(ZANI)
Backing Vocals|Roxi(ZANI)、TSOU CHING PENG+Jay
Mixing|ChaCha(ZANI)@ +x studio

Artworks Installation Team
Artworks|Maywa Denki
Co-Curator|Joel Kwong
Image Producer|8ID Studio、ONE.1O Society

Ashin X Maywa Denki. the hidden memories. 2019. Two-Ch annel Video Installation. 5 min. 19 sec. Exhibition View at ALI EN Art Centre. Photo: ALIEN Art.

Ashin X Maywa Denki. the hidden memories. 2019. Two-Ch annel Video Installation. 5 min. 19 sec. Exhibition View at ALI EN Art Centre. Photo: ALIEN Art.