/ The Lost Grace

Ijong Juan


About the exhibition

How “Grace” has brought out this era?

Mr. Juan I-Jong was a street photographer. We can discover the innocence and frankness of human nature by reviewing his old photo album The Stare of Light : The Lost Grace. During the tour, Mr. Juan I-Jong pointed to a photo which shows the whole family with an old motorcycle; he said with a bashful smile that he would never forget the scene on that day. His father’s warm and bright voice, children’s youthful innocence became the eternal memory of his life. Though it’s just a past memory, the true meaning of life will never become obsolete over the passing of time. The moment he shared has deeply impressed me, and made me wonder what should be the most glorious thing among us? It seems to us that taking pictures is only for recording, as for Mr. Juan I-Jong, he captures the moment to seize the serendipity and the eternal of humanity, then showing courtesy in between, moreover, be fully alive to the beauty.

When the talk came to an end, I was keep thinking about the profound meanings about his photography which mentioned by Mr. Juan I-Jong. Even though I was still trying to figure out “Grace” which is gradually fade away in this generation. No matter how, “Grace” has brought out this era, I convinced that we can get back “Grace” as the beginning when we find out the most direct intimate relationship between us and back to real self. That is the truest "Grace".