/ Venue|1F Backyard

Walking through the green and leafy trees in the front yard of ALIEN Art Centre, with the breeze against your face, before greeting the backyard to find a secret spot shaded behind the trees.

89 crowds of osmanthus welcome the guests, paving a funnel-shaped path to the private open space.

Green grass slopes, rounded lawns, hundred-year-old camphor trees that provide shades; Nageia trees stretching to the sky in the courtyard, and picturesque forests all over the mountain.

Listening to the tree tops blowing in the wind and smelling the fragrance of flowers and plants. The backyard of ALIEN Art Centre, an oasis rarely seen in the concrete jungle.

【Area】 (sq. mt.)

【Capacity】 (ton / ppl.)
80 / 50 - 60

【Equipment & Services】
Wireless Microphone x2
Wireless Internet Access
Portable PA x1
55-inch Movable LED TV Display x1
5,000 Lumen Projector x 1
100-inch Movable Projector Screen x1
Tables & Chairs (TBD)
Parking Lot: 80 Spaces (Right next to the Art Centre main building)

.Other Supplies
【Advertising】 Light Box; Display Board; Roll-up Banner

.For more information, please contact us at
T:+886-7-972-1685 #6210