Juan Ijong

Over the last four decades, Juan Ijong has published more than ten photographic albums, including Man and Land, along with dozens of books such as treatises, stories with photos, and essays. He has held solo exhibitions across the world, and his works have been collected by the most famous galleries and museums, such as Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Nicéphore Niépce Museum, Galerie du Chateau d’Eau, Victoria and Albert Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and Taipei Fine Arts Museum. In October 1999, he organized all of his unpublished photos into four categories: “The Known and the Unknown”, “The Secret of Hands”, “Square of Nostalgia” and “The Lost Grace.” Titled as “Farewell to the Twentieth Century,” this was a touching tribute to a phase of his career.

|Curriculum Vitae|
1950 Born in Yilan, Taiwan.
1972 Employed by ECHO Magazine and stepped into the career of photography.
1975-1981 Published over 60 insightful travel articles (photos included) in Families Monthly, which were a detailed chronicle of rural landscapes and ordinary lifestyles.
1980 Books such as Twenty Witnesses of Humanity, Contemporary Young Masters in Photography, and The Seven Big Questions for Photographic Aesthetics were regarded as beginner's guides in Chinese photography.
1981 Began a career as a TV program producer, working with Chang Chao-Tang, Lei Xiang, and Christopher Doyle (Du Ke-Feng) in the production of Travel of Images, a TV documentary series in over 200 episodes.
1987 Held a solo exhibition titled “Man and Land” at Lion Gallery.
1988 Started a teaching career at the Department of Fine Arts, TNUA.
1991 Was invited to join the European Society for the History of Photography.
1992 Started the bilingual (Chinese/English) Photographers International Magazine, which was applauded as a magazine with the most remarkable humanitarian spirits.
2005 Served as a visiting professor at the Department of Photography, LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, China.
2007 Received the TECO Technology Foundation Humanitarian Award.
2009 Chosen as among the 50 Glamorous Chinese People of the Year by Southern People Weekly.
2012 Published a growing number of books in Taiwan and mainland China. Man and Land and Taipei Rumor received the Chinatimes Open Book Awards.
2012 Wrote column articles for Southern Weekly, Southern Metropolis Daily, and Shenzhen Economic Daily.
2013 Retired from the Department of Fine Arts, TNUA; started to offer photography workshops in big cities across the Taiwan Straits.
2013 Received the Outstanding Contribution to Photography Award of the first Global Chinese Photography Media Award.
2016 Juan I-Jong Humanity Award of Photography was set up.
2018 Juan I-Jong’s Taiwanese Story House was erected.
2019 The Stare of Light:The Lost Grace, ALIEN Art Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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