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ALIEN Art x ROOM by Le Kief

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ALIEN Art x ROOM by Le Kief

The exhibition Rehearsing the future was introduced at ALIEN Art Centre on November 19th 2021. On the opening night we invited Chef Shinpei Hirose (廣瀨晉平) from Ukai Te Kaohsiung Kaiseki chef and Top 50 best Bar in Asia, Seven Yi of Room by the Kief, presenting 8 spectacular dishes and pairing exclusive cocktails. This menu was created to respond the theme of this exhibition to bring up the topics of “time”, “Nature” and human relationship” in terms of future impact on our consumption of Food and Beverage.

We pick up one set from the menu of “Memory of Monaka” and the cocktail of “Memory” to let you get a glimpse of what this menu is about.

Limited offer: 2021.11.30-2022.05.31
# 850NT per set includes one dish and one cocktail
# limited portion of “Memory” 10s set per day
# Call to reserve (07)976 6329