/ An Unexpected Journey of Taste

ALIEN Art.Ukai-tei Kaohsiung.Room by Le Kief

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"Facing the unknown, no one knows what the future will look like"

In response to the latest exhibition ≪Rehearsing The Future≫ at the contemporary art museum, ALIEN Art Centre, ALIEN Art invites two catering artists —the Kaiseki Chef of Ukai-tei Kaohsiung, Shinpei Hirose (廣瀨晉平) and the Principal Mixologist of Room by Le Kief, Seven Yi to carry out the taste creation of visual art, inspire the two chefs to interpret the relationship between "time" and "man and nature" with imaginative and creative cooking and bartending, and reflect on the potential crises of future food.

≪An Unexpected Journey of Taste≫ leads guests on a journey of multiple timelines through three chapters of the variation of repertoire. With eight dishes going with eight cocktails, guests are guided to reflect on the future imagination of the chefs through the food experience. The Kaiseki Chef of Ukai-tei Kaohsiung, Shinpei Hirose thought of cooking as three chapters of past, present, and future. Seven Yi, the principal mixologist of Room by Le Kief, Seven Yi, used three cocktails to express the three states of the river: clarity, pollution, and restoration. Through the eight-course meal and wine combination, Chef Shinpei Hirose and Principal Mixologist Seven raised the same concern and reflection on this land for the future of food. Chef Shinpei Hirose said: "The population will continue to grow in the future. How to build a sustainable social environment has become a topic of heated discussion. However, just as people have completely relied on the quality of life at this stage, the requirements for food will not be compromised. As a cook, the best thing you can do is to use "unused ingredients" as best as possible to make delicious dishes, so that resources can be used to the maximum." The Principal Mixologist Seven Yi said: "One day in the future, we will find that this land has been overloaded in the past. When food and energy shortages occur, what can we do? I think this is a problem that we will face soon in the future. The delicious ingredients will also be used up one day. This time we selected a lot of readily available ingredients to ferment and used technology to transform ordinary food materials into something that is no longer what we originally imagined. Maybe soon, people will no longer eat, but will use liquids to absorb the daily nutrients. This is my imagination of ‘rehearsing the future’."

Finally, ALIEN Art uses ≪Monaka in Memory≫ and ≪Memory≫ as a taste extension to commemorate the exhibition ≪Rehearsing the Future≫ planned by ALIEN Art in 2021. This tailor-made cocktail will give out the aroma of cypress when it is opened. The first thing entering the mouth will be the sweetness of passion fruit, transformed into the scent of pepper and ginger, and finally the stacked taste of Vodka, as the layers pile up in the heart, the lingering memories of sour, sweet , bitter, spicy.....