/ Museum Timeline

Here, through the chronological order, re-visit the annual memory of ALIEN Art Centre established since November 28th 2018 with the artists.

2011 - 2018

Speak Straightforwardly

To speak well is an art; to speak the truth is a kind of courage, to have the courage to speak without thinking is called talking nonsense, the wisdom of life is to practice the words "Speak Straightforwardly"!

Wild Child

Looking back on the experience of growing up as a child, the living environment with all the hardships is the common memory of the fifth graders, however, after receding the accumulation of the era and the changes of the times, there is still a strong and difficult to compromise wild child in everyone's heart.


The Lost Grace: Juan I-Jong Photographs

Juan I-Jong's photography works reflect the pulse of the 1970s to 1980s in Taiwan, which spread the humanity through writing, teaching, and funding for emerging talents. The Publication is signed by the artist Juan I-Jong to commemorate the first exhibition in ALIEN Art Centre.


Legend of the Rambling King: Side View of Hsiao Chin

This book depicts the years that Hsiao Chin walked through. There are no glamorous words, but with Hsiao Chin dictates the traces of the years in different parts of the world. Through the words, readers could glimpse the early year until millennium, one of the indispensable page of post war art development.

Franz Bette: Red x Thread

This book incorporates artist Franz Bette’s over half century’s observation on western culture of using steel, silver, gold and plastic; then with his abundant experience of travelling Asian countries, Franz Bette applies a unique way of using ceramics, paper, bamboo, wood and textiles from eastern culture, and incorporated the essence into re-defining form of contemporary jewelry.

The Colours of Ch'an Tribute to Hsiao Chin

Light, for people's faith, pulses from the silent universe. The colors change the principle of emotion, gradually penetrating the order of time and transforming into images of the world. Hsiao Chin transforms the transcendence of life perception into a powerful artistic language.

Jiro Kamata: VOICES

Jiro Kamata's creations present bright colors, metallic luster, subversive functionality, unpredictable shapes, streamlined space lenses and other beautiful scenes in his works. The elements are all unique in their own way, re-presenting the shape and content of the millennial generation.

Shozo Shimamoto:Across the Borderlands of Art

This book reviews the evolution of the creative thinking of Shozo Shimamoto, the co-founder of the pioneering post-war Japanese art group Gutai, from the early 1960s to his later years, and explores the far-reaching influence of Gutai on contemporary art.


Letters to Comrades

The anthology comprises letters — represented verbatim — from a founder to his comrades. Just like a parent, he pens word after word of encouragement, line after line of wisdom: to brave thorny environments with courage, to march resolutely into the unknown, and to join him in a collective crusade that strives for a brighter future.


Shozo Shimamoto Grandi Opere|Major Works

An essence collection of the great works by Gutai master Shozo Shimamoto, comprises curatorial essays written by Italian art critic Italo Tomassoni, Yaman Shao, and curators of the times, enrich the book with a multifaceted perspective that leads the reader dig into the beautiful page of contemporary art.


Arman 1954-1974, Germano Celant

A collection of the classic works and creative developments of the master of neorealism, Arman, from the 1950s to the 1970s, compiled the research of the art historian and curator-Germano Celant. It is the last published research of his life.

Yungtien Shao, LETTERS TO COMRADES, Kaohsiung: ALIEN Art, 2020.