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ALIEN Art Centre is an art field that attaches great importance to the "meaning of aesthetics" and "future development", while insisting the original intention of "Sowed In Art - Germinated In Truth".

Founded on November 28, 2018, the Centre was formerly known as Kin-Ma Military Hostel, the temporary residence of the non-commissioned soldiers and officers who were selected to go to Kinmen or Mazu. The soldiers departing for Kinmen stayed in Kin-Ma Military Hostel in Kaohsiung; the ones departing for Mazu stayed in Kin-Ma Military Hostel in Keelung, which accounted for the origin of the name of the building “Kin-Ma”. Over time, the Keelung Kin-Ma Military Hostel has been demolished, and today, the one in Kaohsiung has become the only relic of the Cold War in Taiwan.
The Kin-Ma Military Hostel was abandoned for several years after the government units were evacuated. ALIEN Art took over the construction and operation of the building in 2016. The layout of column array, corridors and tree planting were used to capture the flow of light and wind.

ALIEN Art Centre is run by ALIEN Art, who believes that art is a feast of "visual creation", "localities" and "architectural space". The ALIEN Art provides planning of exhibition content for contemporary art and applied art, reflecting the issues and viewpoints of Taiwan and even the international level, buttressed with the vision to bring de vivre through supporting artists’ creation.

■ Awards
2019《Shopping Design – TAIWAN DESIGN BEST 100》
2020《Lonely Planet – Kaohsiung’s Top Contemporary Art Museum》
2021 to date –《Member of Taiwan Museum Pass》

Museum Hours
Tues - Sun 10AM-6PM (Last entrance at 5PM)
Closed on Monday・Open on public holidays

Address|No.111, Gushan 1st Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan
Parking Lot|ALIEN Art Centre Parking Lot (Beside ALIEN Art Centre, Gushan Road Lane 119)
Light Rail|Shoushan Park / ALIEN Art Centre Station
Bus|ALIEN Art Centre Station
MRT|Yanchengpu Station
Bicycle|Gusha 1st Rd. (Kaohsiung Public Bike)

Shuttle Bus
Every Sunday from
《Silks Club to ALIEN ART CENTRE》Estimated Time of Departure 10:30 am
《ALIEN ART CENTRE to Silks Club》Estimated Time of Departure 16:30 am
Advance booking required, more information inquiries please contact Silks Club:+886-7-9730111730111

Visitor Policies
-Please do not touch the exhibits.
-Stick umbrellas, luggages and any objects larger than A3 size are advised to be deposited at the checkroom. Kindly keep all the valuables with you please.
-Kindly refrain from smoking, gum and betel nut chewing on the Art Centre premises.
-Plants, hazardous substances, food, drinks, stick umbrellas, or toys cannot be brought into the Art Centre.
-Pets are not allowed into the museum, and no hosting service is provided.

※Please note we are following these COVID-19 precautions:
- Face masks are required
- Observe social distancing of 6+ feet

Join & Support
With your support, we can make things happen together.
Discover more: +886 9-0522-1581

Ticket 2022.06.25 - 2022.10.30

.Entered by Echoes of All the Flowers ticket, a one-day pass to the museum
.The admission includes the exhibition and the exlusive EP of “Re: Echoes of All the Flowers”
.Ticket purchase at the museum’s box office, FamiPort. Click here to enter the webpage of purchase
.During the exhibition of Little Flower Project 2022- Re: Echoes of All the Flowers, the minimum for one person is one order at ALIEN All-Day Lounge

《Echoes of All The Flowers》
.General admission NT. 350
.Concession-priced ticket NT 250
▲ Senior citizens over age 65-
▲ Citizen with a handicapped certificate (including a accompanying patron)

.Group Discounts
▲ A 5% discount of the total price for a purchase of more than 50 tickets
▲ A 10% discount of the total price for a purchase of more than 100 tickets
▲ A 15% discount of the total price for a purchase of more than 200 tickets
▲ A 20% discount of the total price for a purchase of more than 300 tickets
▲ Contact us for more information for a purchase of more than 400 tickets
.Contact us for more information for other booking reservation

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