/ Les couleurs du Ch’an.Hommage à Hsiao Chin


Hsiao Chin, the recipient of Taiwan National Award of Art, founder of Ton Fan Art Group, is renowned by his initiation of Punto International Art Movement(1961-), who firstly incorporating eastern philosophy, and the approach by self-introspection to the field of abstract painting. Hsiao Chin‘s creations inspire from his personal experience to change through ups and downs, and detach from a life perception to convert into a powerful and forceful artistic language. He explores pure and profound meanings of life and creates "empty space" through the gestures of nature and intuition.

“Les Couleurs du Ch’an, Hommage a Hsaio Chin” exhibition presents 65 years of Hsiao Chin’s creative spirit. Since his co-founding of the Punto International Art Movement in 1961 to his study of Tao and Chi, his awareness of Eastern spirituality and cosmology is revealed in his artistic expression; from exploration, transformation and ascendance, captured for eternity with his masterpiece Dancing Light series painted in the 1963-1964 through to his Sun and Universal Energy works developed at later stages of his distinguished career.

This special book was published by the famous French publishing house Éditions Dilecta for Musée national des arts asiatiques Guimet. It’s supported by the Hsiao Chin Art Foundation, ALIEN Art and Hong Kong 3812 Gallery, the texts available in two language (English, French) which presents the essence of Hsiao Chin's Ch’an, the texts available in two language (English,French) and eulogize the poetic dialogue between the East and the West.

Les couleurs du Ch’an.Hommage à Hsiao Chin
Exhibition Catalogue Limited Edition
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  • The book was published on the occasion of the exhibition “The Colours of Ch’an. Tribute to Hsiao Chin” presented at the Musée National des Arts Asiatiques– Guimet (MNAAG), from 13 March to 3 June 2019.

    The catalogue is printed with support of ALIEN Art, Taiwan which will organise a parallel exhibition for Hsiao Chin from 2nd May to 3rd Novemember 2019 at ALIEN Art Centre, Kaohsiung, in association with “The Colours of Ch’an. Tribute to Hsiao Chin” presented at the Musée National des Arts Asiatiques – Guimet.

    Authors of the book/
    Sophie Makariou, President of MNAAG
    Yaman Shao, Director of ALIEN Art Centre
    Maggie Wu, Chef Executive Operator of Hsiao Chin Foundation
    Hsiao Chin, Artist of the Exhibition
    Jérôme Neutres, Curator of the Exhibition
    Li Lei
    Henry Tang Ying-yen
    Calvin Hui, co-founder of 3812 Gallery

    Éditions Dilecta

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