Felix Kwok


About the exhibition

Asian art was at a turning point during the post-war period due to surrounding events were in cultural revolution, as many artists chose to leave their hometowns. The artists eager to gain a broader vision during this period in response to the rich new environment, and a new generation of oriental art styles came to fruition.

Before understanding contemporary oriental abstract art, we must talk about the " Punto International Art Movement" that Hsiao Chin created in 1957. The "zero movement" also emerged at a similar time. In hindsight, the Punto International Art Movement has its own story. The word “Punto” is transliterated from the Italian language "PUNTO" and has a point-like meaning. This stylish Centre around the idea of finding self-positioning. Artistically, it has the purpose of organization, collection and reconfiguration. Every piece of Hsiao Chin's work is like a one-sided mirror that shines in front of us, it tells us its own story when we gaze on it. Such paintings have now aged half a century and convey of the spirit of Hsiao Chin with the “Eight Knights” who founded the “Tong Fang Painting Society” and spread their personal oriental philosophies to the west through their paintings.

Chun-Shan Li once said that "The most important point of modern art is that you cannot imitate nature and you cannot imitate the teacher." I believe that through Chun-Shan Li's ideas we can understand Hsiao Chin's Punto Art, and the value of art is the continuation of truth. Through such creative behavior, people would has the opportunity to find the essence within themselves.