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life abounds a day beyond eternity


ALIEN Art’s perception for the aesthetic is woven with structure, geometry, minimalism, light, and life. Its identity is a door to the unknown, through which people connect and transform with existence and our life is provided with surprise and inner peace. The name “ALIEN” comes from a magical moment as in the “E.T. phone home” finger touch, similar to an intersection where all the imaginary realms meet; echoing its belief in the void where there is a force that leads everyone forward.

Established in 2016, ALIEN Art carries out projects one after another embody contemporary issues found in grassroot movements and around the world, aiming to make contemporary art accessible and present the poetic quality of life. Its platforms include ALIEN Art Centre, SILKS CLUB and YUIMOM RESIDENCE.

ALIEN Art Centre

The construction of Kin-Ma Military Hostel, a historical landmark, commenced in 1959, one year following the August 23rd Artillery Battle, and was completed in 1967 in both Kaohsiung and Keelung. During the year 1967-1998, the hostel used to be an intermediate stop and residency for the army, also served as a place where soldiers came back from the military safely and reunion with their families. Today, the Kin-Ma Military Hostel in Keelung has been demolished, remains only the Kin-Ma Military Hostel in Kaohsiung as a place to commemorate the history of Cold War. The word “Kin” and “Ma” represents the outlying islands Kinmen and Matsu, the front line between Taiwan and China during the Cold War. The boundary held the spirit similar to that of the Berlin Wall and the 38.5th Parallel Line that separates North and South Korea. What the hostel stood for was gradually forgotten by the world, as time went by and the political and economic situations changed. Following the end of the Cold War, in 1998 the Kaohsiung Kin-Ma Military Hostel was handed over to the Ministry of Transportation Railway Reconstruction Bureau, serving as the command center for the Kaohsiung railway underground construction project until the bureau’s relocation in 2012. In 2016 the Kaohsiung Urban Development Bureau solicited open bids; ALIEN Art Co. Ltd undertook the rights to preserve the property, conducting the restoration work and operation. Following two years of preparation and restoration, the Kin-Ma Military Hostel was reborn as the ALIEN Art Centre on November 28, 2018. The rigid layout of a military housing was transformed into a green building that is integrated into nature. On the perimeter are various geometric elements - dots, lines, and planes, stitching together stories from the past to present. The renovated hostel retains the strength of the early days, while incorporates the gracefulness of modern times.


ALIEN Art Centre
.Shopping Design – TAIWAN DESIGN BEST 100
.Lonely Planet – Kaohsiung’s Top Contemporary Art Museum
.Member of Taiwan Museum Pass

Silks Club
.MUSE Hotel Awards – World Class Art Hotel-Regal Winner
.World Luxury Hotel Awards – Luxury Art Hotel-Global Winner

YUIMOM Residence
.IF DESIGN AWARD – SS Pattiserie. Summer & SS Bar. Spring
.Arch Design Award Winner – Architectural Design-Golden Award – YUIMOM Residence
.Arch Design Award Winner – Interior Design-Golden Award – SS Bar. Spring & AW CAFÉ. Winter
.Arch Design Award Winner – Interior Design-Golden Award –SS Patisserie. Winter & AW Restaurant. Autumn

A series of contemporary jewelry created by Jiro Kamata staged at ALIEN Art Centre, a promising artist whose creation was recently collected by the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, and National Gallery of Victoria. © ALIEN Art Centre

James Turrell, Corinth Canal © ALIEN Art Centre

Franz Bette’s contemporary jewelry exhibition established the connection between ALIEN Art Centre and the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, Germany, and arnoldsche Art Publishers © ALIEN Art Centre

Shozo Shimamoto solo exhibition and academic research in collaboration with Fondazione Morra, Italy © ALIEN Art Centre

“My mother’s garden”,Apichatpong Weerasethakul,Daisuke Miyatsu: 25 years of video art - A point of transit signals from East and South East Asia © ALIEN Art Centre

ALIEN Art, Silks Club invited Art + COM to create Dancing Particles, a poetic installation that express the evolution of the Kaohsiung city – from a fishing village to the modern-day center of international trade and commerce. © ALIEN Art

Dancing Particles by Art + COM at Silks Club © ALIEN Art