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life abounds a day beyond eternity

ALIEN Art is established to enrich people’s lives with contemporary art committed to the most thought-provoking issues raised from pioneers (alien) of XXth and XXIst Centuries, aiming to fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations among artists, bringing the creative force to the elevation of living.

‘Life abounds a day beyond eternity’ — ALIEN Art
ALIEN’s initiative is to create a new condition that merge art to life application. Its identity is a door through which people connected and transformed; performing the classic of contemporary, reflecting its core spirit: ‘life abounds a day beyond eternity’.

ALIEN Art Centre
On November 28th 2018, ALIEN opened a contemporary art museum, ALIEN Art Centre. The Centre was built in 1967 as a transit station for the National Army soldiers to Kinmen and the Matsu Front Line. By the end of the Cold War, the hostel was left in the late 1990s. In 2016, ALIEN Art took over the new mission and carried out renovation and history investigation for two year, restoring the architectural style of eclecticism and preserved the meaningful history. The Kin-Ma Military Hostel was re-launched as ALIEN Art Centre since November 2018, transforming into the cradle of the contemporary art form in the modern time. ALIEN commemorates the roots of architecture with a perspective that reflects the times, with its faith believing art is an experience of ‘visual creation’, ‘locality’ and ‘architectural space’.

ALIEN Art’s cultural field includes: Museum Operation, Artistic Content Operation and Investment.
It works include ALIEN Art Centre, Silks Club, YUIMOM Residence and SSAW; whose artistic planning has been elected as ‘TAIWAN DESIGN BEST 100’ by Shopping Design, ‘Kaohsiung’s Top Contemporary Art Museum’ by Lonely Planet, ‘The World Class Art Hotel, Regal Winner’ by MUSE Design, ‘The Conceptual Design, Gold Winner’ by Muse Design and Indigo Design, and the IF DESIGN AWARD.

A series of contemporary jewelry created by Jiro Kamata staged at ALIEN Art Centre, a promising artist whose creation was recently collected by the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, and National Gallery of Victoria. © ALIEN Art Centre

James Turrell, Corinth Canal © ALIEN Art Centre

Franz Bette’s contemporary jewelry exhibition established the connection between ALIEN Art Centre and the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, Germany, and arnoldsche Art Publishers © ALIEN Art Centre

Shozo Shimamoto solo exhibition and academic research in collaboration with Fondazione Morra, Italy © ALIEN Art Centre

“My mother’s garden”,Apichatpong Weerasethakul,Daisuke Miyatsu: 25 years of video art - A point of transit signals from East and South East Asia © ALIEN Art Centre

ALIEN Art, Silks Club invited Art + COM to create Dancing Particles, a poetic installation that express the evolution of the Kaohsiung city – from a fishing village to the modern-day center of international trade and commerce. © ALIEN Art

Dancing Particles by Art + COM at Silks Club © ALIEN Art