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Ku ShangLing

The written words are used to keep track of what we see, what we do and what we thinkin everyday life.

The daily things are simplified as some images and altered with written symbols. The repetition, collection and accumulation of the fragments of reality in the daily ordinary trivialities might be took down quietly in the subconscious and become unmodified pictures. When we read a sentence, a passage or an article, we don't realize literallythe single words nor eruditely interprete each of them. And when reading the images and pictures, we can't but reinterpret them by changing them into words and re-alter the words into images and pictures, again and again.

When we make the ceramics, the memory of the physical phenomenon of the earth pulls and drags the metal lines preset in the the clay. The gushing flame and the lines, which are unknown before being fired in the kiln, are pulled and dragged by the force of amorphous clay. The natural, accidental and random shapes of ceramics represent the free writing of the image-like scripts with the lines and trace drawn by the nature of the materials, the clay and the metal. And then, the life becomes the words crawling on the paper, while the lines in my works become words, which I can use freely to draw the outline of the abstract sensation in my memory.

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