/ Echoes of All The Flowers

Joe Fang、René Liu、George Chen、Yaman Shao、YILE YIN、Mayday Masa、Luo Jr-Shin、Cosmos people、Loudly Lighting、Chen-An Lee、Mayday Ashin、Maywa Denki、waa wei、Rhydian Vaughan、LuxuryLogico、Accusefive、Chung Lun Wu、EggPlantEgg、Cowper Wang、HUSH、Lee Chi、Jia Jia、Vvzela Kook、Liang Su




A Contemporary Art Exhibition Documenting Memories;
Exhibition relocated and re-opened at ALIEN Art Centre。

Tick Tuck Tick Tuck Tick Tuck, “Is time the greatest enemy of memory?”

When we were little, we stared at the boring test paper on the desk, praying to escape the tiny room, accepting the challenge from the whole universe.

When we grow up, we toil amid the exploding information and listen to the rapid breathing of the whole city. We think we have come to a new world, but we will never reach the merry land we long for.

It is only when we look back, we realize that the home in our memory is being washed away silently by the years of time, leaving only a vague outline, calling there, crying there, and disappearing... You and I suddenly lost the compass facing the sun in our hands, and we have become a lonely soul wandering in a foreign land who can't go home, are you ready to move?

2019, like a lost soul, we wrote a letter, and sent to the address buried in our memory. The letter was returned to sender.

This year, let us cross the noise of traffic, through the mist over the surface of the sea, and follow the path of blooming flowers to the "home" in our impression. Let us follow that reassuring smell, pick up the fragments scattered in the changing seasons, and use music and images to piece together the memories. You will find that: the memory does not come and go. It blooms quietly like flowers, there with ripples, a gesture echoes and taps on the desire to return to our roots.

Back to the beginning, _____ is the echo of your inner blooming.

In 2019, the highly acclaimed "Little Flower Project -Return to Sender" was launched in Taipei. Combining pop music and artistic creation to bring a brand new viewing experience, it attracted more than 100,000 people and stroke a new record in Taiwan’s art circle.

This season, the new exhibition has moved to Kaohsiung! Curator Joe Fang, Executive Director Ason Chen, Music Director MayDay Masa, Executive Director of ALIEN Art Centre- Yaman Shao, and B'in Music, BEGIN MUSIC, BIOS jointly plan to launch the exhibition, "Little Flower Project 2022 - Re: Echoes of All the Flowers". In addition to representing the most popular works, three new sets of artistic creations are added, which fully touch our nostalgia.

Participating artists and musicians

  • 4 NEW Exhibits
    - René Liu, George Chen X Yaman Shao
    - YILE YIN, Mayday Masa x Luo Jr-Shin
    - Cosmos people x Loudly Lighting
    - Chen-An Lee
  • 7 CLASSIC Exhibits
    - Mayday Ashin x Maywa Denki
    - waa wei, Rhydian Vaughan X LuxuryLogico
    - Accusefive x Chung Lun Wu
    - EggPlantEgg x Cowper Wang
    - HUSH X Lee Chi
    - Jia Jia X Vvzela Kook
    - Joe Fang X Liang Su

    《Echoes of All The Flowers》

    Ticket purchase link,Click here

    ( Tues - Sun 10AM-6PM (Last entrance at 5PM), Closed on Monday・Open on public holidays )
    ( No. 111, Gushan 1st Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan )
    Date of Exhibition|2022-6-25 ~2022-10-30

    Curator|Joe Fang
    Executive Director|Ason Chen
    Musical Executive Director |Mayday Masa
    Site-Specific Art Director|Yaman Shao

    Project Initiators|B'in Music International Ltd., BEGIN MUSIC Limited, ALIEN ART CENTRE、BIOS、joefangstudio

    Advising Authority|Kaohsiung City Government、Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA
    Collaborators|ALIEN Art、YUIMOM Group、Economic Development Bureau,Kaohsiung City Government、FamilyMart、Audio-Technica Taiwan、Light Generation Technology Co., Ltd.、MoCA TAIPEI
    Project Executive|Yichen Chen、Chu-Yu Cheng

    Pricing Information
    .The package includes admission to the exhibition and an exclusive EP of“Re: The Echoes of Blooming Flowers”
    .Since AR technology is used in the exhibition, mobile phones are recommended for a better viewing experience. Please refer to Fami entertainment website for mobile phones support.
    .The Early bird ticket: NT.300 (2022-06-08 sales at. FamiPort, advance tickets until 2022-06-24 23:59 )
    .General Admission NO. 350 (begins sales on 2022-06-25 at FamiPort)

    .One ticket per person. Tickets are required for entering the venue and can be exchanged for one EP exclusive for this exhibition. Children over 6 years old need to purchase tickets to enter the venue.
    .If the ticket is lost, damaged, punched, or in other unrecognizable circumstances, it will be regarded as invalid. We do not offer ticket exchange, refund, or reissuing.
    .Food and beverage are not allowed in the venue. Pets, food, dangerous items are also prohibited. Items over A3 size shall be left at the storage counter.
    .One may refer to the relating regulation based on the news posted on the fan page of “Little Flower Project”, the official website of ALIEN Art Center, and on-site announcement. The organizer preserves the right of altering the content of the exhibition.
    .Ticket refund must be processed at the store of purchase with the original ticket before 2022/10/29. No refund or exchange will be acceptable after the expiration date.
    .AR technology is used in parts of the exhibition. Mobile phones are advised for a better viewing experience. Mobile phones support- for iOS system: iPhone6S and above support AR. iPhone8 and above are recommended for enjoying a smoother viewing experience. For Android users: please refer to the following links for your mobile phone support. → →Click here← 檢視Android手機支援性

  • Key Visual of Echoes of All The Flowers

    Key Visual of Echoes of All The Flowers

    From Left: Curator Joe Fang, Yaman Shao, Mayday Masa

    From Left: Curator Yaman Shao, Mayday Masa, Joe Fang

    Exhibition opening at ALIEN Art Centre

    Exhibition opening at ALIEN Art Centre

    Cosmo People at the exhibition site, ALIEN Art Centre

    Exhibition view at ALIEN Art Centre

    Exhibition view at ALIEN Art Centre

    Exhibition view at ALIEN Art Centre

    Exhibition view at ALIEN Art Centre

    Joe Fang ©B'in Music

    Mayday Masa ©B'in Music

    Yaman Shao ©ALIEN Art Centre

    René Liu ©B'in Music

    George Chen ©B'in Music

    Cosmos people ©B'in Music

    YILE YIN ©B'in Music

    Ashin ©B'in Music

    waa wei ©B'in Music

    Rhydian Vaughan ©B'in Music

    EggPlantEgg ©B'in Music

    Jia Jia ©B'in Music

    HUSH ©B'in Music

    Accusefive ©B'in Music