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Wu Nien-Jen 、Shao Yung-Tien、Chou Shu-Yi、Joyce Ho、Fangyi Liu


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It is an anonymous note. Each sentence, may well be a long-awaited reunion.

In the middle of the night, a letter was slipped through my room door.
Early in the morning before going out, I rest gently the reply on father’s desk.
Returning home in the evening, I discovered that the letter was well folded and placed beside my bed; opening it, a few more lines was found.

As a child, or becoming parents, we have been learning what may be the best interactions that suit us.
As we grow up, when we own our family and career, it seems that one should know more about expressing love.
We are always like a child in our parents’ eyes.
And yet do you remember when was the last time you talked to your parents, what was it for, and in what occasion?

When it comes to those we care about the most, we sometimes shy away from sharing feelings or not talk about anything, just because we worry about saying the wrong thing.

Here, artists from different fields, share their ways of expression, which may be different in forms, and yet the thing they all share is the sincerest and accurate words crafted with the selfless mind extended to the person they care about the most.

Youth and life fades.
One day, we would lost each other.
At the present moment that can no longer be retrieved, if it is for a complete life without regret, so to choose one person and one sincerest message to speak to, then, who would it would be?


Wu Nien-Jen|Area Impromptu Voice Over
Shao Yung-Tien (S.Y.T.)|Area Four Seasons, Ties of Friendship, Times and The Persistent Touch
Chou Shu-Yi|Area Last Words
Joyce Ho|Area Trembling Scenery, Counting underwater and Momentum
Fangyi Liu|Area The recording is my unknown memory

Leave a message

Period|2023/08/09 ~ 2024/09/01
Artists| Wu Nien-Jen、Shao Yung-Tien(S.Y.T.)、Chou Shu-Yi、Joyce Ho、Fangyi Liu
Curator|Yaman Shao
Visual|Joe Fang
Motion|ONE.1O Society
Production|ALIEN Art
Exhibition Cooperation| Mole Hsu、Lai shi chao、JB、tamtamART、Project zero、YUIMOM Group
Special Thanks to|Yu-jun Wang; William Lu; Max Lee; Chi-wai Lee; Lafin Sawmah; Zhizimom; Wan-yu Lin; Yaman Shao; Yun-ting Hung; Ya-wen Fu; Mercy Yeh; Heidi Yip; Wan-shuan Tsai; Kam-tsuen Tam; James Su; I-chen, Kuo; Chi-chen Wu (iamhandtonight); PROJECTbyH.

Key Visual of Leave a message © ALIEN Art Centre

Key Visual of Leave a message © ALIEN Art Centre

Shao Yung-Tien © ALIEN Art Centre

Chou Shu-Yi © Coutesy of the Artist

Wu Nien-Jen © Coutesy of the Artist

Joyce Ho © Coutesy of the Artist

Fangyi Liu © Coutesy of the Artist