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ALIEN Art Centre、Tainan National University of the Arts

“ALIEN Art Centre—Video Sandbox” is a National Video Art Creator Contest that marks the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the center, open to contemporary artists under the age of 40 (including). Co-organized by ALIEN Art Centre CEO Yaman Shao and the project director HE-LIN LUO, the project is titled “Video Sandbox”, whose vision is to provide a stage for emerging talents to thrive and prosper. Submissions will be presented at the exhibition room named “Memory,” which served as a telegraph room in the first floor of the original Kin-Ma Military Hostel building (now ALIEN Art Centre) back in the day. The Sand Box is the exhibition unit, with the universe displayed in virtual space that makes up the world through images.

With its motto- “Romance is the triumph of imagination, where life abounds a day beyond eternity,” ALIEN Art Centre (since 2018) has been working on projects integrated with dynamic vision and sounds to present unique cultures found in grassroot movements and around the world. Over the years, multi-media art as James Turrell: Corinth Canal, The Diamond (2019) and Kingsley Ng, Stephanie Cheung: Crossing (2019), Daisuke Miyatsu: 25 years of video art - A point of transit signals from East and South East Asia (2020), Rehearsing the Future (2021), and Echoes of All the Flowers (2022) has attracted tens of thousands of visitors visiting the place. Inheriting the context of the development, the 2023 “Video Sandbox” now sets a stage for video artists across the country to submit their entries. It is hoped that through the platform, opportunities could be created, leading to different kinds of multi-media artists being discovered by wider audiences.

2023 Video Sandbox – National Video Art Creator Contest
Exhibitors List

The Shortlist(In the order of the number of strokes in the surnames)
Pin-Yi TU、Pei-Ying Lin、Ching-Chuan HU、Yu-Chin CHEN、Tzu-Ting HUANG、Yu-Ting HSIEH

The Waiting List(In order of priority)
Chun-Ting CHANG、Hao-Ming HUNG、Hao-Yi Ding

※Recently, the selected candidates will be contacted for follow-up exhibition matters.

【National Video Art Creator Contest】
• Call Type: All media types are eligible. Artwork must be created within the past three years.
• Entry Deadline: March 6, 2023, 5:00 PM
• The project will run from April 14, 2023 to April 14, 202

▲ View Call Details: Call Guidelines
▲ Online Submission: Google Form

"Memory", ALIEN Art Centre 1F © Courtesy of ALIEN Art

Video Sandbox– National Video Art Creator Contest © Courtesy of the Su Huiyui, ALIEN Art Centre

"My mother’s garden",Apichatpong Weerasethakul, ALIEN Art Centre © Courtesy of Apichatpong Weerasethakul, ALIEN Art

"Honey", Yang Fudong、"Water Moon", Charwei Tsai. ALIEN Art Centre © Courtesy of Yang Fudong, Charwei Tsai, ALIEN Art

"Bohemian Rhapsody Project", Ho Tzu Nyen、"The Dusk of Tehran", Tao Hui. ALIEN Art Centre © Courtesy of HoTzy Nyen, Tao Hui, ALIEN Art

"If Narratives Become the Great Flood" , Liu Yu , ALIEN Art Centre © Courtesy of Liu Yu, ALIEN Art

"Deep Simulator", aaajiao, ALIEN Art Centre © Courtesy of aaajiao, ALIEN Art

"DOKU_Hello World", Lu Yang , ALIEN Art Centre © Courtesy of Lu Yang, ALIEN Art

"Dear___", Joe Fang , ALIEN Art Centre © ALIEN Art

"XiaoDingDang in My Dreams", EggPlantEgg & Cowper Wang, ALIEN Art Centre © ALIEN Art

"The hidden memories", Mayday Ashin & Maywa Denki, ALIEN Art Centre © ALIEN Art

"Go Home", Jia Jia & Vvzela Kook, ALIEN Art Centre © ALIEN Art