/ The Free Minds

Shao Yung-Tien


He has been through agriculture, industry, and the Internet eras, and worked from farming to property development. He founded a business empire, covering property development, construction planning, investment, hotel industry, as well as establishing a marvelous contemporary art museum, and operating fine dining restaurants. A soul comes the age of 52, the man began his artistic journey in a sudden occasion and tried to draw a painting to encourage his descendants.

He has neither learned from any schools nor any work creation; like a child who stands up and start running without ever learning how to crawl. He follows his spirit and his state of mind to start painting and it is all in one fell swoop. He believes that there is no absolute rule for art, but certainly should bring happiness to the viewers, moreover, to inspire desire and passion of life.

He would purchase 15 canvases at a time and 200 bottles of paints at once (at least 10 bottles for each color.) Paintbrushes, toothbrushes, straws, sticks, ginger grinders, everything can be his tools, and with brushing, dripping, stippling, pouring, spraying, beating, squeezing or spilling, he creates freely with no rules and limits. There was not a work done with a sketch foundation but painted promptly. He’s fully enjoys himself in the process of creation with no limitation, so it calls infinite.

The only thing he has is an open-mind and a free soul.

To our beloved founder Shao Yung-Tien.