Caroline Halley des Fontaines

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Born in France in 1971 Caroline Halley des Fontaines works as a photographer and a video artist, fathoming old traditions and customs on her journeys to remote places over the world. The project “Time and Silence” evolved within a period of ten years (1999-2009) on a variety of expeditions to sacred places. Halley is seeking gaze in Himalayas, Asia, Central Asia, Africa etc., clearly reflected her curiosity and fascination for ancient cultures. Accordingly, her photographs strikingly point at universal symbols and archetypes, that provide us with an insight into mankind’s innermost self. There she finds some answers to wonders about the meaning of life and the sacred practices.

Gradually her spiritual path took her to study non-duality, Buddhism and philosophy with great spiritual masters. These experiences of mindfulness have constantly nourished her personal and artistic practices whether it was films, photographs, drawings or poetry writings.

This photographic project “Lightscape” (2015-2020) is an artwork about light and its color manifestations. It reminds us that perception is relative, and that reality is made of layers. Each photograph represents a lightscape on the ocean that we are not used to see. With time and inner silence. Halley catches the lights that give form to colors and their reflections. Halley wants this artwork to take the observer to experience subtle realms. This process took her to explore the scientific, spiritual and philosophical senses of colors and its impacts on the psyche, always searching for equanimity with the world.

Halley’s artwork has been shown in Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto in Art galleries and or Art centers. It is also part of many private international art collections.

|Selected Exhibition|

2021 HOPE, ALIEN Art Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2019 Lightscape, Solo show, Galleria Valentina Bonomo, Roma, Italy

2015 The path to art, Collective show, La mancha, Paris, France

2014 Journeys to the centers of the world, Solo show, Hotel de Sauroy, Paris, France
Polaroids, Solo show, Gallery 206, Berlin, Germany

2009 Time and Silence, Solo show, Library of Clamar, France

2008 Time and Silence, Solo show, Camera Work Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2007 Urban Zen Temple, Solo show, Stephan Weiss Art Space, New York City, USA

2007 Indianscope, MEP Lille (Lille3000 Festival), France

2006 Urban Zen Temple, Stephan Weiss Art space, New York City, USA
Time and Silence, Solo show, Art Gallery Rabouan-Moussion, Paris, France

2003 The Exile Path, Solo Exhibition, Tibet House – Lugano, Switzerland

Los Angeles Photo Fair, Solo Exhibition, On the Path Gallery, California, USA

2002 Regards Rebelles, IRIS Gallery, Paris, France

2001 Freedom, Solo Exhibition, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

2000 The Bosniac World, EDF Exhibition Space, Paris, France

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