Chou Shu-Yi

Chou Shu- Yi starts out from the body and communicates with the world through dance and choreography. He focuses on the relationship between human beings and society. In his past creations and actions, he is capable of capturing the powers of cross-disciplinary collaboration to address the publicness of arts. His creations focus on the value of life and reflect the state of individuals or collectives in different social contexts. Through his creations, Chou Shu- Yi makes propositions of a “body vocabulary that is specifically Asian” in the forms of theatre, non-traditional theatre and dance video. He continues to create as he travels to different sites and places. In 2020 he became the first artist selected into the Weiwuying Artist-in-Residence program of National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (2020~2024).

|Performances and curatorial projects in recent years|
2022-2024 Bolero in Kaohsiung
2023 The Man Who Couldn't Leave, a special performance in collaboration with director Singing Chen
2023 Uneasy Movement, co-presented with tamtamART and Che-hsien Su at the WHATZ Art Fair
2022-2023 No Name, No Land by Shu-yi Chou & Chih-chung Cheng, ft. Dawang Yingfan Huang & Yu-jun Wang; performed at the Theatre Live of NEXT: Taishin Arts Award 20th Anniversary Exhibition
2022 Curator for the 4th Taiwan Dance Platform
2021-2022 The Center
2020 After sea-level rise, I… as dance video work
2020 Under Tension - 2020 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Edition, a collaborative installation performance with artist Ya-wen Fu, presented at the 2020 Taiwan Biennial
2020 Unfolding Futures – Body Motion Short Film Festival
2020 The Memory Overture of Strolling in the Park
2019 Almost 55 - Qiao Yang's Solo Performance, commissioned creation for the Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company
2019 Dancing in Beijing
2019 Body Map in the Tainan Park - 100 Days Strolling by Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company
2018-2020 Afterimage for Tomorrow, co-created with director Singing Chen
2018-2020 Break & Break!, Dance Video Exhibition in Taipei, Macau, and Jinguashi

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