Gary Zhexi Zhang

Gary Zhexi Zhang (lives in London; born Suzhou, China) is an artist interested in unstable knowledge; over the past few years his work has been largely concerned with the history of systems theories and planning technologies. As a writer and editor, he is currently working on a book about financial fictions and catastrophic time, to be completed in 2022.

Recent and upcoming group exhibitions and screenings include Cycle 25 at Bloc Projects, Sheffield; Liquid Ground at Para Site, Hong Kong; Participation Mystique at Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai; the Swamp School at the Venice Architecture Biennale and Cross-feed at Glasgow International 2018. He co-runs collaborative studio Foreign Objects and is a resident at Somerset House Studios.

2014 Diploma in Urban Theory, Mejan Arc
2015 BA Glasgow School of Art
2016 M.Phil University of Cambridge
2019 S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

|Selected Solo Exhibitions|
2021 Cycle 25, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, UK

|Selected Group Exhibitions|
2021 Rehearsing the Future, ALIEN Art Centre, Kaohsing, Taiwan
2020 Participation Mystique, McaM Ming contemporary art museum, Shanghai, China
2018 Cross-feed Glasgow International 2018 (duo exhibition with Aniara Omann), Market Gallery, Glasgow, UK

|Selected Screening|
2018 “Parasite”, Swamp School, Lithuanian Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale

|Selected Projects|
2019 FUD collaboration with Agnes Cameron, commissioned with Arts Catalyst and Bloc Projects
2019 Permaculture Network collaboration with Agnes Cameron,
2018 Foreign Objects collaboration with
Agnes Cameron, Sam Ghantous and Kalli Retzepi, launched at NEW INC.
2018-2019 February School

|Selected Residencies, Grants & Awards|
2019 Mozilla Creative Media Award
2019 Harvard Film Study Center Fellowship
2019 UK Associate Artist Residency, Delfina Foundation
2018 MIT Journal of Design and Science (JoDS) essay award
2018 Honorable mention, MIT Harold and Arlene Schnitzer award

|Selected Writing|
2021 Sinofuturism and its Uses. In Verge Studies in Global Asia, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp.86-92.
2021 Jenna Sutela: Soul, meat and pattern. In Magic, Jamie Sutcliffe(ed.), Whitechapel: Documents in Contemporary Art, MIT Press.
2020 The Wood for the Trees. Frieze No. 212, pp.44-51
2020 The Art of the Future. ArtReview.
2020 The server is down, the bridge washes out, there is a power blackout ( A propositions with Arts Catalyst, Pirate Care and Marcell Mars). Pause, Fervour, Reflections on a Pandemic, Harun Farocki Institut, Journal of Visual Culture & HaFI, 39.
2020 Jenna Sutela: Soul, meat and pattern. SLEEK No. 65.
2020 Mathieu Gafsou. Foam No. 56.
2020 The (insurable) Universe is Shrinking. Gaia Art Foundation online platform [Online].
2020 Avant-garde, Inc. cover essay for ArtReview April 20.

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Rehearsing the Future

2021.11.20 - 2022.05.29