George Chen

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He is one of the few music producers in Taiwan that has spanned three golds and is active in theater, film, TV series, pop music, advertisement, etc. He has rational thinking and judgment and can fully release the sensibility in the creation. His three-dimensional thinking, timely blank and advancement, all make his music full of visual sense.

Now he is the founder of forgood music, forgood sounds, the perfect voice, Mr. Wing Theatre Company, the music director of Pourquoi Pas Music Limited. His music partners include Waa Wei, Hebe Tian, Eve Ai, LaLa Hsu, Rene Liu, Jolin Tsai, etc.

In 2012 and 2016, Mayday's "Noah's Ark" and Peng Jiahui's “Spinster” won the 23rd
Golden Melody Award Best Composer, Best Single Producer at the 27th Golden Melody Awards, and in 2021 won the Best Album Producer at the 32nd Golden Melody Awards with Hebe Tian's Time Will Tell.

He has served as the soundtrack production/music director for the films Love, Us and Them, and More Than Blue.

At the end of 2020, the solo concert "Sea of One" was held at the National Concert Hall; in 2021, additional performances were held in Weiwuying National Art and Cultural Center, the venue that owned the largest pipe organ.

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