Hsieh Minling

Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Major in Sculpture, aspired to three-dimensional contouring. Lived in Germany for 6 years, master classic and contemporary skills and concept of jewelry making. Contemporary jewelry art in Europe is developed based on an integrated synthesis of education system and industrial structure. Experienced from the rigorous German training and environment, the artist’s creations express deep-rooted professionalism with pragmatism.

Through education, international curation and independent creation, Hsieh Minling researched the unknown self and her native environment . Hsieh Minling founded MANO, a curatorial team for contemporary jewlry in 2010 with a wish to build a bridge between the West and the East. To date, more than 30 international contemporary craft exhibitions have been held, participated artists of 230 from nearly 30 different countries, and more than 3000 works have been known in Taiwan.

Accept Harmony is only in following the Way.
The Way is without form or quality,
But expresses all forms and qualities;
The Way is hidden and implicate,
But expresses all of nature;
The Way is unchanging,
But expresses all motion.   -Laozi (B.C. 571-471)

The eastern philosophy of “Non-Existence” expressed by Laozi (B.C. 571-471), founder of Taosim, has been an important mentor to Hsieh Minling's artistic practice. Along the way of philosophical practice, being able to physicalize the visible “reality” from the invisible “emptiness”, is such an vital, and beautiful practice to the living creature as men.

Managing a platform had been her inspiration of creativity, simultaneously a way to understand the artist's inner self. From the original material fragile, to thinking about men to materially connected to spatial connections. Creation from subtraction, the cold and hard condition of metal processed through the moment it becomes lighter and lighter until it sheds a sliver of brightness. This process allows the artist to settle her mind, and develop a calm condition which are both necessities of quality production. Participating the exhibition "Pure Taiwan" in 2014 allows the artist a deeper understanding of the native Jade founded in east-coast of Taiwan, and consequently reveal her series of creation related to understanding of Jade. Since 2015, the wearble contemporary jewelry have been developed to spatial pieces that are able to dialogue to space. In 2018-2019 period, the artist move on to “Intangible Reality” series, presented through the application of metal. The honest touch of life interpreted from the existing time has thought us that those heaviest process should be put down gently.

The visible space physicalized from the shed light, has been the calm moment of suspension that Hsieh Minling brings to us.


2002 - 2006 Staaliche Zeichenakademie Hanau, Germany
1997 - 2000 National Taiwan University of Arts / Department of Sculpture


2009 established company “Mano”


2019.03 XIHAN Action Filigree protection project,China / CH Jewellery
2018 ALIEN Art Centre / Franz Bette / Franz Bette:Der rote faden / TW 2014
National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute/ Franz Bette /
Same but different Studio jewelry exhibition


2019 .04 Slizence Style +Hsieh Minling Jewellery, Milan Design Week, IT
2018.12 SS, Slizence Style+Hsieh Minling Jewellery, Taipei Fashion week, TW
2018.08 FW, Slizence Style fashion show+Hsieh Minling Jewellery, Taipei Fashion week.
The Grand hotel Taipei, TW
2018.06 Intangible Reality, Metalwork and Design exhibition, Silzence Table, TW
2017.03 ~11 Serendipity contemporary jewellery exhibition, Taipei, TW
Mei LEE Studio, Brussel, BE
Le Boutique, Paris, FR
M² Galerie d’art, Challans, FR
Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, Montreal, CA
2016.09 “TOY” Group Exhibition_ Hong Kong Baptist University, HK
2016.09 Handscape Multimedia Exhibition Hikarie, Creative Lounge Tokyo, JP
2015.11 Masterpieces -Contemporary Crafts Collection, NTCRI, TW
2015.05 German Design Exhibition, Taiwan Design Center, TW
2015.05 2015 Creative Expo Taiwan
2015.01 “Earworms “, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney AU
2014.05 “Metal Creation”, NTCRI, TW
2013.11. Pure Taiwan, Hualien County Stone Sculptural Museum, TW
2013.07 Culture of Taiwan, Faith Taiwan-100 Postcards Creative Exhibition, Yilan
Communication Arts Center, TW
2013.07 Wish upon a Star, Contemporary Jeweler group exhibition, O -Jewel, Tokyo, JP
2013.05 A JEWEL A DAY KEEPS WRINKLES AWAY, Contemporary Jeweler group
Exhibition, Mano, Taipei, TW
2013.03 In, Visible, group exhibition, O -Jewel, Tokyo, JP
2013.03. Taiwan Contemporary Jeweler group exhibition, Tokyo International Art
Fair, JP
2013.03 Connexon, Contemporary Jeweler group exhibition, Bomb Metal & Fry
Jewelry, TW
2013.03 “The Original Colors”, object exhibition, Murong Nature & Care/ TW
2012 OP VOORRAAD (IN STOCK) TAIPEI, Amsterdam/Munich, NL, DE
2011,10 Ingenuity follows nature next chapter, TW
2011 Sense, Group exhibition with Alias, Eslite Dunnan Bookstore
2010.09 Reincarnation 3, 2010 news about designers exhibition, TW
2010.09 In Stock, International Masters Metalsmithing & Jewelry Invitational
Exhibition, Mano,Taipei, TW
2010.05 A Century of Chinese paintings world tour exhibition, expo 2010Shanghai China
2010.03 Ready for takeoff, group exhibition at Handwerksform Hannover, DE
2009.09 Art & More, group exhibition at Deutsche Goldschmiedehaus, DE
2009.06 The zero distance, Metalwork and Design exhibition, The Mall,Taipei, TW
2008.12 Symbiose, Group exhibiton ar Ecole café, TW
2008.10 Xin-ya Xin-yi, Metalwork group exhibition, Executive Yuan, TW
2008.07 Concerto, Metalwork group exhibition, Howard salon,Taipei, TW
2004 Linie in der Dreidimensionalitaet, Metalwork group exhibition, Staatliche
Zeichenakademie Hanau, DE


2010 selected in NanYing Art, TW
2010 selected in Handwerksform Hannover “ready for take-off” exhibition, DE
2009 2nd. Prize, 30 Jahre Catherine-Nail-Collection GmbH < Jewels of India >
Competition, DE
2008 National Sculpture Awards, TW
2006 National German Goldsmith School Hanau Annual Design Awards, DE
1999 Century Sculpture Exhibition of the R.O.C., TW

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