Kao Yating

Born in Taipei, M.F.A of Taipei National University of the Arts. Now works and lives in Taipei. KAO uses different ways to draw down the imagined map of her religious belief and historical identity, looks for personal connections to the times, and presents her work in paintings, videos, sounds and installations. In recent works she uses found images, press photos, and home photos, along with drawing, to frame up the uncertainty of self-identity. Her recent solo exhibitions ‘The Imitation Of Faith’ and ‘Dorothy Crash’ both received Tai-Hsin Art Award nomination. She received Asian Artist Scholarship of Vermont Studio Center U.S in 2012, and was chosen for M.I.T project in ART TAIPEI art fair in 2011. She is also the funding member of artist studio ‘Polymer’.

| Education |

2010 M.F.A,Taipei National University of the Arts. Major in Painting

| Solo Exhibition |

2015 「The Imitation of Faith」, Absolute Space for the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan
2014 「The Imitation of Faith」, Fotoaura Institute of Photography, Tainan, Taiwan
2013 「Dorothy Crash」, VT ARTSALON, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 「Things are starting to hum」, Red Mill Gallery, Vermont, U.S.A

| Group Exhibitions |

2018 「 Prism: Approach Unseen Scenarios」, ALIEN Art Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2018 「Future Theatre」, KdMoFA, Taipei, Taiwan 2018 「The Crossing」, Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong, China
2017 「Tropical Cyclone」, KdMoFA, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 「Local to Local」, Artforum Rhee, Bucheon, Korea
2017 「PAINT CLUB」, MuMu Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan
2017 「Crossing The Straits」, Run Amok Gallery, Penang, Malaysia
2017 「Limitless Landscapes」, ART INFLUENCE, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 「Taiwan Annual」, Taipei Expo Park Expo Dome, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 「Future Flash Fiction」, FreeS Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 「Immersing in」, FreeS Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 「For for for forest」, TKG+, Taiwan
2014 「Shaping Gate Above the Water Group Exhibitions」, Soka Art Center,
Tainan, Taiwan
2014 「Cross-Boundary Taiwan-Meets-Macau: Artistic exchange exhibition」, A
Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 「MOCA Video Exhibition Call for Entries Prospectus」, MOCA, Taipei,
2013 「Futures on the table-Home・Artist・Relationship」, KdMoFA, Taipei,
2013 「A Room of One’s Own」, LIN&LIN Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 「Asia Cruise」, KdMoFA, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 「Collection of Taiwanese Emerging Artist」, National Taiwan Museum of
Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
2012 「Zero Plan」, Nan Hai Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 「Manifestation of Homunculus」, KdMoFA, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 「Republic without People」, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung,
2011 「Con.Temporary」, Hong-gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2008 「When We First Meet–ASYAAF」, Seoul old station Museum,Korea
2007 「Art Vision」, Gwangju Museum of Art, Korea

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