Liang Su

Born in Taiwan in 1970. In 1989, he began his career as an intern in Tsai Rong-feng's studio and started to work as a photography assistant. In 1995, he joined a magazine as a full-time magazine photographer. After leaving Marie Claire Taiwan in 2005, he established an independent studio.
He has been engaged in photography for many years. His works are scattered in major international Madarin-language magazines in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, Chinese pop music records, concert posters and endorsement advertisements by well-known artors/actresses. Currently, he is still active in visual arts creation exhibition.

2006 ELLE Taiwan Style Awards Best Photographer of the Year

2022 "Echoes of All The Flowers", Kaohsiung, ALIEN Art Centre
2007 "Fashion Accidentally" group exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum, Taipei
In 2006, he co-created with the BLANQ team, using the traditional 24 filial piety stories as the main axis to add modern shapes, ironizing modern people's blind pursuit of fashion at all costs and loss of selves. For the first time, the ancient Chinese painting style was integrated into modern photography. He also won the invitation by "EAST-WEST" MAGAZINE GLOBAL ISSUE” as the cover of the January 2007 issue, and was invited to join the group exhibition of “Fashion Accidentally” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (MOCA TAIPEI) in the same year.

2011 The first Great People Charity Photography Exhibition
2015 The 2nd Great People Charity Photography Exhibition/
2015 Little Flower Project. Inside and outside the door. Home. Photo.
2016 Little Flower Project. Jet lag.
2018 Endless stillness. AR Photography Exhibition (Shanghai)
2019 Little Flower Project. Return to Sender.
2020 BAZAAR 30 Special Exhibition Island 30 Video Installation Exhibition/
"Photography is an expansion of my life, and it is also a reflection of my life, like a mirror. I put myself into photography. Through each time’s creation, I photograph others but understand myself!"

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Echoes of All The Flowers

2022.06.25 - 2022.10.30