Loudly Lighting

Founded in 2017, Loudly Lightning is good at manipulating materials and loves music, whether it is light and shadow ft. performances, or electronic music ft. installations... It is keen on the journey of pursuing space and self-exploration. The representative works are the whole series of "light-electric beasts".

Yao Chung-Han
Artist, music creator and DJ. He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Architectural Design at Shih Chien University.
Tseng Jui-Pin
Graduated from the Department of Architectural Design of Shih Chien University. He is one of the creators of the "light-electric beasts" series.

❝ Music is the common language. The installation is the realization of space, and to build the connection between people. ❞

Exhibitions and Productions:
2022 Echoes of All The Flowers, ALIEN Art Centre, Kaohsiung
2022 Mountain Sea City, Keelung City, Light Environment Installation Art Exhibition; former Taiping Elementary School, Keelung.
2022 "Light Noise 44 - This Was Here", Eternal Hill, Hsinchu.
2022 Spring Comes God Damn, Park Lane by CMP, Taichung.
2022 Aura City-2, Kaohsiung Central Park, Kaohsiung.
2022 Yuejin Lantern Festival, Yanshui, Tainan.
2021 Treasure Hill Light Festival "Dwell in the Light", Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei.

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Echoes of All The Flowers

2022.06.25 - 2022.10.30