Luo Jr-Shin

Luo Jr-Shin (born in Miaoli, Taiwan in 1984) lives and works in Taipei. His creative practice revolves around experimenting with a variety of traditional and atypical materials, ranging from clay, resin, metal, everyday objects, food, chemical materials, scents, to explore the spirituality and the human condition implicit in the representation of the world. Focusing on the cognitive experiences derived from the structures and patterns of production, he is adept at capturing the unstable, illusory or even delusional moments of everyday life. Recent exhibitions include: Taipei Fine Arts Museum (2021), Taipei; National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (2020), Taichung; Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taipei (2019); Asian Culture Hall, Gwangju (2017); Times Museum, Guangzhou (2017); Queens Museum of Art, New York (2013).

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Echoes of All The Flowers

2022.06.25 - 2022.10.30