Formed in January 2010, LuxuryLogico was composed of four artists born around 1980: Chang Geng-hao, Chang Geng-hua, Chen Yi (Chen Je-Chien) and Lin Kun-ying. In the past, the four artists worked as two groups, the Luxury Brothers and the Logico, while each made their mark in the field of visual art and new media field with their different expertise. Among them, Chang Geng-hua specializes in sculpture and mechanical installations, Chen Yi specializes in space and programmatic video, and Lin Kun-ying is good at music, planning, and choreography. After several collaborations in performances and visual arts, Luxury Brothers and Logico have learned that after collaboration, each can be stimulated with a broader creative energy. After careful consideration, the two groups decided to merge, so that LuxuryLogico was born.

LuxuryLogico takes the hybrid crossover as the creative concept, and the style of the works tends to express the relaxed artistic conception in a simple and clean form, which is based on the natural environment, discusses the human thinking in the spectacle society, and hopes to achieve the two extremes of extreme technology and extreme humanity. Harmony, stimulate creativity, and use the "music, visual, installation, text" co-presentation method to make the face of the ever-changing, works spanning drama, film, dance, architecture, pop music, economic behavior.

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Echoes of All The Flowers

2022.06.25 - 2022.10.30