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Robert Pan is one of the respected artists and has come throughout the whole of Italy to be numbered among the most significant names on the contemporary scene.
His breakthrough as an artist came about when his discovered his material to be resin, proved his work with that material to have been brought to a state of absolute perfection. Today he’s a highly refined artist who knows no rival in the ennobling of resins as a material for the making of art. Technical perfection is one of the traits of his work. The viewer stands amazed before the expertise with which every point has been made to display a different mélange of colors that result from the pouring of layer after layer of resin, then honed and polished. The impact of the works of Robert Pan derives from their beauty of concept and construction, from the intensity and splendor of their colors, from the exactitude and sure effect of the way those colors are nuanced. The pigments are applied in numerous successive layers, sealed in resin, and filed and polished, all the light of carefully construed relationships between areas of opacity and transparence. Pan’s craftsmanship is the vehicle for the achievement of a multidimensional experience of color in which larger and more complex tones result from the varying articulation of the hues that resonate beneath them.

Robert Pan’s works have distanced by now from any and all forms of figuration, even if the cosmos, literally understood, still remains a true and proper reference point. His color filled spaces refer to no reality beyond themselves, and are instead concrete, abstract and spiritual, just as the colors themselves are no less material than spiritual. Pan has found his way into the Garden of Eden.

Robert Pan remarks that he’s really a sculptor, not a painter. And that also explains his desire to occupy space in a fundamentally different way, reaching the unknown is one of the goals of his work as an artist. He concentrates primarily on the process of discovering his images, and that process is guided by his sense of significant artistic form, as well as by his use of his materials. Rather than spontaneous, his procedure as an artist is intuitive. He’s committed to a reflective mode of allowing things to come into existence. His approach to his work is thoughtful, while entrusting himself to the uninhibited flow of his creative imagination. His mindset has nothing to do with establishing any kind of order, entirely unlike the Impressionists, who extended their gaze no further that the threshold of the visible. Pan is in on a search for a world of experience all his own, peering beyond the foreground world in pursuit of a higher conception of art: higher, subjective, intuitive, psychological, and spiritual. His monumental passion is both proof and source of and overflowing abundance of mind, and arrays itself in colors and forms, lights and shadows.

Pan’s work is grounded in his openness to psychological and atmospheric moods which earlier found expression through religious symbolism, but which today have come to assert themselves by way of an abstract language of light. There is always as well a spiritual dimension to the works of Robert Pan. There are charged with contemplative silence as well as with fascination, and communicate a feeling of enchantment.

|Robert Pan Biography|

1969      Born in Bolzano on January 3

1987-1991      Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department, Urbino (I)

1991-1992      Lives and works in Brixton, in the studio of the sculptor Bruce Juttel King,

London (UK)

1993-1995      Lives and works in New York City (USA)

1995      Enters the Collection of the Banca Commerciale Italiana Comit, Milan (I)

1996      Enters the Collection of Salzburger Kredit & Wechset Bank (A)

1998      Enters the Thun Collection (I)

1999      Kambly Art Collection, 11. Edition, Trubschachen (CH)

2002      Paradies, Edition Des Ano, Radiokulturhaus, ORF, Wien (A)

2004      Purchase of the Gate triptych by the Benedictine Monastery of Muri-Gries, Bolzano/Bozen (I)

2006      Five-panel work for the administrative headquarters of the Thun Corporation, Bolzano/Bozen (I)

2007      Enters the Cisco System Art Collection, Milan (I)

2009      Enters the Collection of the National Gallery o9f Modern and Contemporary Art of San Mario (SMR)

2010      Enters the Mango Collection, Barcelona (E)

2011      First participation at the Venice Biennale

2013      In 2013 Robert Pan worked between Frankfurt (D) and Miami (USA)

2014      Enters the Benetton’s Art Collection, Treviso (I)
Since 2014 Robert Pan lives and works between Frankfurt (D) and Miami (USA)

2015      Enters the Andrea Fendi’s Art Collection

|Robert Pan Solo Exhibitions (Selection)|

2019     The Way of Seeing, ALIEN Art Centre, Kaosiung, Taiwan

2018      Awakening 3 Italian Artists - Aron Demetz, Robert Pan & Marco Nereo Rotelli, Gallery Sun, Taipei, Taiwan

2017      Italian Contemporary, with Aron Demetz, Gallery Sun, Taipei, Taiwan

2016      Rudolph Budja Gallerie, Miami (USA)
Mark Peet Visser Gallery, Hertogenbosch, (NL)

2015      Mahdi, Galleria Giovanni Bonelli, Milano (I) L’interno / Esterno, con Aron Demetz, Casa D’Arte Artribu, Roma

2014      Robert Pan – Eden, Galleria Goethe Galerie, Bolzano / Bozen (I)

2013      Robert Pan and Aron Demetz (curated by Wolfgang Haas), Cast Your Art, Salzburg (A)

2012      Sternenstaub / Quasar (curated by Ivan Quaroni), Marco Rossi Artecontemporanea, Verona and Pietrasanta – Lucca (I)
Deja 9112 vu, Schloss Moos – Schulthaus, Eppan/Appiano (I)

2011      Geometrie dell’infinito (curated by Valerio Deho), Galleria Goethe Galerie, Bolzano/Bozen (I)
Trame riflesse, with Davide Nido (curated by Alberto Mattia Martin), Mercanti Palace, Venezia (I)
Trame riflesse, with David Nido (curated by Alberto Mattia Martini), Galleria Emmeotto, Roma (I)
Sternenstaub 2, Eventinove Artecontemporanea, Torino and Borgomanero (I)

2010      Tekton (curated by Guglielmo Gigliotti), Galleria II Segno, Roma (I)
Sternenstaub, Marco Rossi Artcontemporanea, Milano (I)
Sternenstaub, Eventinove Artcontemporanea, Torino and Borgomanero (I) Constellation (curated by Letizia Ragagila), Museion – Museum of Mondern land Contemporary Art, Bolzano/Bozen (I)

2009      Mappe, Marco Rossi Artecontemporanea, Monza (I)

2008      II Temp(i)o del colore / Der Frab(zeit) Tempel (curated by Danilo Eccher),Galleria Goethe Galerie, Bolzano/Bozen (I)
Zenith, SpiraleArte artecontemporanea, Verona (I)

2007      Zenith, Galleria Rosso20sette Arte contemporanea, Roma (I)
Lila, SpiraleArte artecontemporanea, Pietrasanta – Lucca (I)

2006      Lila, SpiraleArte artecontemporanea, Milano (I)
Dharma, Galleria Goethe Galerie, Bolzano/Bozen (I)

2005      Rita, Carloni Spazio Arte, Frankfurt am Main (D)
Art has a Point, Galleria Goethe Galerie, Artefiera Bologna (I)

2004      Akasha, Galleria Goethe Galerie, Bolzano/Bozen (I)

2001      Spiegelbilder, Galleria l’Isola, Trento (I)

2000      Robert Pan, Schlossgalerie Mondsee, Salzburg Land (A) 1999 Licht Skulpturen, steghof, Naturno/Naturns (I)
Bisquits d’Artist, Galleria Spatia, Bolzano/Bozen (I)

1998      Lights, Galleria Spatia, Bolzano/Bozen (I)

1996      Gate, Prisma Galerie, Accademia Europea / Europaische Akademie,
Bolzano/Bozen (I)
Gate, Museion, Museion – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Bolzano/Bozen (I)
Miniaturen, Galleria Spatia, Bolzen/Boren (I)

1995      Robert Pan, Galleria II Traghetto, Venezia (I)
Robert Pan, Stadtturmgalerie, Innsbruck (A)
Robert Pan, Fioretto Arte Contemporanea, Padova (I)

1994      Zone di visibilita, Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea Scandiano – Reggio Emilia (I)

1992      Robert Pan, Kunstforum beim Rathaus, Hallein, Salzburg (A)

1991      Robert Pan, Prisma Galerie, Bolzano/Bozen (I)

|Robert Pan Group Exhibitions (Selection)|

2015      Behemoth – The Deep Surface, Galleria Giovanni Bonelli, Milano
Generation XY, Rudolph Budja Galleries, Miami (USA)
Paint, Gellria Guidi and Schoen, Genova
In Abstracto – Percorsi non oggettivi intorno alla oittura, Galleria Alessandro Casciaro, Bolzano
Impressioni Astratte Museion, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Bolzano

2014      Gegenuberstellung – Brucke zwischen Sichbarem und Unsichtbarem, Museum Obermunster, Obermunster (Germany)
1964-2014,Storia di una galleria, Galleria Goethe Galerie, Bolzano/Bozen (I) Impressioni astratte, Museion, Bolzano/Bozen Born in the Dolomites, Messner Mountain Museum Ripa, Brunico/Bruneck (I)
New Space, Galleria Doris Ghetta, Ortisei/St. Ulrich (I)
Imago Mundi, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, Treviso (I)

2013      Merano-Murano, Kunst Merano Arte, Merano/Meran (I)
Borderline Santa Maria della pieta Church, Cremona (I)
(P).(P)arerge e (P)aralipomena della (P)ittura,Bonelli Lab,Canneto sull’Ogilo - Mantova (I)
Crux – ll Simbolo della Croce,Diocesan Museum, Bressanone/Brixen(I)

2012      Biennale Italia-Cina, Royal Villa, Monza(I)
Voorjaarstentoonstelling, Mark Peet Visser Gallery. ‘s-Hertogenbosch(NL)
Tra nord e sud, Municipal Museum, Brunico/Brunech(I)
Storyboard, Bonelli Arte Contemporanea, Canneto sull’Ogilo – Mantova (I) Universi Paralleil, Gallera Doris Ghetta, Ortise/St.Ulrich(I)
Example – parte seconda, Galerie Contract, Crema(I)

2011      Born in the Dolomites, Kunstlerhaus, Wien(A)
Lo Stato dell’Arte – Regioni d’Italia, 54th Venice Biennale, Venezia (I)

2010      ExtraExtralarge, (con)TemporaryArt, Superstudio Tortona, Milano(I)
PassaggiMusei Civici/Pinacoteca Civica, Follonica, Grosseot(I)
Bianco e nero, Eventinove Artecontemporabea,Borgomanero – Novara(I)

2009      Artifici contemporanei e difformita barocche, ARCOS,Museo d’Arte
Contemporanea del Sannio, Benevento(I)
Italian Calling/Future Star,Bonelli Lab, Canneto sull’Ogilo – Mantova(I) Plenitudini, Galleria delle Logge e Museo di S. Francesco/Musei di Stato, Repubblica di San Marino (SMR)
Imago, Gallerai Eventinove Artecontemporanea, Borgomanero, Novara(I)
Das kleine Format 2,Galerie Klemens Thimme, Karlsruhe (D)

2008      Quadrato d’arte, Galleria Libra, Catania(I)
Das kleine Format, Glemens Thimme, Karlsruhe (D)
Lille art fair 08, Grand Palais, Lille(F)

2007     Acht Positionen, RLB Kunstbrucke, Innsbruck (A) Accrochage, Carloni Spazio Arte, Frankfurt am Main (D) Ars Rubra, 8 artisti argomentano il colore rosso SpiraleArte artecontemporanea, Monza(I)

2006     Accroshage, Carloni Spazio Arte, Frankfurt am Main (D)
O14 officina 14 galleria d’arte, Roma(I)
Arte Tempio – KunstSakralraum, Hofburg/Palazzo Vescovile, Bressanone/Brixen(I)
Dialogo sulla Pittura, SprialeArte artecontemporanea, Verona (I) Berlin Liste 06, Carloni Spazio Arte, Berlin(D)

2005      PermioMario Razzano, Museo del Sannio,Rocca del Rettori (I) Accrochage, Carloni Spazio Arte, Frankfurt am Mail(D) Kunst-Szene-Sudtirol,Palais Liechtenstein, Feldkirch (A)

2004     Transferimento di chiamata, Galleria Fabbrica EOS, Milano (I)
40X40, Galleria Goethe Galerie, Bolzano/Bozen (I)

2003     Panorama 03, Vecchia Posta Ferroviaria, Bolzano/ Bozen(I) Quattro Venti, Arte Cultura Gusto, Manciano,Grosseto(I) Transfer, Prisma Galerie, Bolzano/Bozen(I)
2002     Vertraute Raume, Phonix Art Sammlung Falckenberg, Hamburg (D)
Das Absurda Bekannte, Phoenix Art Collection, Falckenberg, Hamburg(D)
Borsenplatz, Wien (A)

2001     Blu, Place Arte Contemporanea, Cavagnolo-Torino (l) Ponti d’artista / Kunstlerbrucken, Bolzano/ Bozen (l) L’Oggetto, tiBignamini Partners, Torino (I)
Illusion, Galerie Parade, Amsterdam (NL)
Art Amsterdam, Galerie Parade, Amsterdam (NL)

2000     Mani, Galleria Alberto Weber, Torino (I)
The Eye of The Storm, La Mandria, Villa dei Laghi, Torino(I)
Poetiche del Quotidiano/Ver-Dichtungen des Alltages, Galleria
Civica/Stadtgalerie, Bolzano/Bozen (I) Substanz, Engelsburg, Neustift/Novacella(I)
Summer Show, Stephan Lacey Gallery, London(UK) Versus VII,Velan, Torino (I)

1999     Graphics, Galleria Spatia, Bolzano/Bozen(I)

1998     Artefici 1967-1997, Palazzo Ducale, Accademia di Belle Arti, Urbino(I)

1996 Omaggio a Lucio Pala, Chiesa della Maddalena, Pesaro (I)
Sand Art, Castel Tubre/Burg Taufers(I)

1995     Restart, Musei Civici, Reggio Emilia(I)

1994     Formen der Stille, Prisma Galerie, Schloss Gandegg, Appiano/Eppan(I)

1993 Panorama Panorama, Galerie Klemens Gasser, Bolzano/Bozen(I)

1992     Fabre Blau, Galleria Civica/ Stadtgalerie, Bolzano/Bozen(I)
Funf neue Mitglieder im Skb,Ragenhaus, Brunico/Bruneck(I)

1991     Dentro l’Accademia, Urbino (I)
Ipotesi a confront, Museo d’Arte Moderna, Rimini(I)

1990     Atre Estate, Savignano, Forli(I)
La pietra svelata, Biennale di sculture, L’Aquila

1989     Grand Price Henry Moore, Hakone Open Air Museum, Tokyo(JP)
Biennale di fotografia, Chiostro di Juvarra, Torino(I)

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