Wu Nien-Jen

Because TV producer Zhai Ruili said “the rhythms of your words are fit for stage plays,” he made the transition from novel writing to scriptwriting.

Because he would narrate stories to the crew on behalf of the director and construct the visual composition, he was persuaded to start calling out “Camera!”

Because of the financial limitations faced by emerging directors in Taiwan during that time, they all supported each other. From playing extras to taking on lead roles, he showed on screen without relying on his appearance.

Because of his ability to create impactful slogans that resonated with people, he earned the title of “the most creative middle-aged man in Taiwan. Some of his slogans that struck a chord include “A committed woman is the most beautiful,” “Bottoms-up!” “One car travels the whole Taiwan,” and “The computer knows how to select peanuts.’

Because he met a theatre maverick, he fell in love with “the direct communication of emotions between performers and audiences, both on and off the stage.”

As a film and TV director, screenwriter, actor, lyricist, and writer, he is the first person to achieve a grand slam in the four major awards (Golden Melody, Golden Bell, Golden Horse, and Golden Tripod). In 2001, he joined Greenray Theatre Company and has since created the highly acclaimed Human Condition series, which has been staged nearly 400 times. His scripts authentically depict the lives of ordinary people with simple and sincere storylines. Consequently, they have successfully enticed audiences who have never before experienced stage plays to step into the theater. He is currently the director of Greenray Inno-Art Inc.

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