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ALIEN ART & Philippe Gonet

“Despite the many co-branded wines with restaurants around the world, only within the private-label ones with ALIEN ART lies an artistic sense. As much as we are fascinated by the paintings, they are beyond expectation when finished. What a privilege to be part of the grand moment and to incite more sparks to come!” —— Philippe Gonet

Blanc de Blancs

Produced only from vineyards for premium blanc de blancs champagnes in Le Mesnil sur Oger and Oger, where part of vineyards neighbor those of Champagne Salon. A blend of only the finest year and made from 100% chardonnay grapes, the vintage shows natural mineral notes. A clear and bright body with glints of light green color, with a nose of toasted undertones, grilled hazelnuts, and subtle traces of white flowers. In addition to fine bubbles lively on the palate, the body features freshness and vibrancy with a long finish. These all show the exceptional quality of the vintage to be aged with longevity.

Time Capsule

Champagne is a carrier of time that marks the vintage year with its climate, rainfall, and the growing conditions. Endowed with a unique flavor, it bridges memories with a flashback. As it streams down your throat with the aroma and fizz delighting your palate, nothing more of a catalyst to bring people closer at a gathering. An art piece in liquid form that presents a taste of class and the fine process where it’s vinified. The time saved in the bottle flows out as the champagne is popped.

Circle of Life

“All forms of life originate from the vast and deep ocean.” —— S.Y.T. (Yungtien Shao)

Before it was finished, little did one know that Circle of Life would have brought together an array of life forms, echoing its artist’s belief in the void where there is a force that leads everyone forward.

S.Y.T. (Yungtein Shao)
Circle of Life
2019, acrylic on canvas, 236 x 108 cm

The Vintage
The climate in 2015 with low rainfall, coupled with global warming, affected the growing of grapes. In the nick of time, the rainfall lasting several days right before harvest enabled ideal ripening and yields. Voila! There we have the vintage full in body with a fruity nose and vibrant character.

The Light from the Distant Stars

“Although dreams are in the distance, just as stars, they are still in sight. They twinkle in light not weakened over time, since they come strong from its distant source.” —— Yaman Shao

The Light from the Distant Stars carries an adventure in life, with its rebirth in the dark night under the stars.

Yaman Shao
The Light from the Distant Stars
2021, oil on canvas, 160 x 135 cm

The Vintage
The 2011 champagne vintage boasts grapes with full maturity and optimum ripeness levels due to the sunny days in summer. It carries considerable acidity nurtured from the cloudy skies with rains and the lack of sun in the early stage. The great clarity, enhanced by its high acidity, features exceptional structure and lively flavor, making 2011 truly a vintage one of a kind.

Champagne Philippe Gonet

Established in Le Mesnil sur Oger in 1830, Philippe Gonet neighbors vineyards of the prestigious brand - Champagne Salon, and it is only a few steps away from the renowned Krug Clos du Mesnil. The 23-hectare Philippe Gonet is separated into nearly 50 different vineyards, with Chardonnay as its select grape variety comprising 19 hectares, and most of them are in Le Mesnil sur Oger, a Champagne village known for its Blanc de Blancs vintage.
The soil in Philippe Gonet can be traced back to the Cretaceous period, as it has been nurtured by seawater washing over the years and is rich in minerals from marine fossils. The average age of the grapes is 40 years old, and there are vines planted in 1929, which have seen nearly 90 winters.
In 1990, after their father passed away, the brother and sister Pierre and Chantal, who were only 22 and 23-year-old, took over this nearly 200-year-old winery. As the seventh generation of the family to join the business, they carry on the fine tradition and passion for champagne. Pierre serves as the winemaker, while Chantal takes on marketing; the two work hand-in-hand to present their family legacy onto the world stage.

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  • Circle of Life and The Light from the Distant Stars, ALIEN Art Centre © ALIEN Art

    Vineyards for premium champagnes in Le Mesnil sur Oger and Oger © Courtesy of Philippe Gonet

    Pierre Gonet and the stirring of bottles © Courtesy of Philippe Gonet