/ The Place Where There Is No Darkness

Shao Yung-Tien、Yaman Shao、George Chen、André Chiang、Shinpei Hirose、Fangyi Liu


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ALIEN Art Centre Annual Project, "The Place Where There Is No Darkness"
Explore the origin of perception: the fantastic interweaving of sight, sound and taste

"Create, just because this action represents our fascination with exploring the world;
perception, is the force that forms the world." - Yaman Shao

ALIEN Art is honored to present the annual project "The Place Where There Is No Darkness" of ALIEN Art Centre, which will be officially exhibited from April 15, 2022 to January 1, 2023. With the works of artists Shao Yung-Tien (S.Y.T.) and Yaman Shao as the main foci, the three-stage journey will take place with music producer George Chen, gustatory artists André Chiang, Shimpei Hirose, and sound experimental musician Fangyi Liu on a magical journey of exploration and perception.

When you enter the exhibition hall on the second floor of the ALIEN Art Centre, you will be greeted by a huge beam of yellow light, attached to the wall along the width of the top flange, and then exceeding the boundary of the ground. "What is that ray of light in your heart? There are many wonderful encounters in this world. You can't perceive its existence if you haven't experienced it. You can only find the brightest stars by looking up at the deep night." The exhibition is inspired by the idea of being confident in the process of intercepting positive messages in the face of the impermanence of all things. A huge beam of yellow light properly balances the two creators with different styles. With the entrance hall as the center, it divides the day on the left and the night on the right. "The coexistence of day and night implies that the world is constantly turning and moving forward." This light is as colorful as Shao Yung-Tien (S.Y.T.)'s creations; it is also as soft and deep as Yaman Shao's works.

Entering Shao Yung-Tien (S.Y.T.)'s exhibition room, "Compared to painting, his creation is more like action", Yaman Shao paused. She considered calling him “father” or a job title. She continued, "Looking at his creation, it is a very, very rare connection between art and society. I have promoted Shimamoto Shozo, Cai Guo-Qiang, and the expected collaboration with ARMAN in New York this fall. These artists are very important revolutionaries in the field of art. However, I think the power of change brought by Shao Yung-Tien (S.Y.T.) is not limited to art, but the substantive relationship between art and society. The work is not only the artist's proposition, but also the influence of life value and will", she said. "Once I asked him why at the "YUIMOM Group" he founded, the architectural works sprouted in a certain community in the city, as if the neighbors in that community were in different time and space, like ten years or even twenty years later in that place. He told me that “to be an arrow. Don't be the center of a circle, so that the work has the value of existence”. Later, I realized that the powerful strokes in the painting were not random but came from bravery in the face of adversity. These fearless and arbitrary brushstrokes formed a geometric structure full of aesthetic balance. There were regularities in it, and squares and circles were naturally formed.

Walking into Yaman's creative space, it seems to be in a quiet moment in the middle of the night. "Night is the time to face ourselves and truly reflect our thoughts. The daytime is used to deal with work and various affairs; the night is the time to be alone." Staring at the works seems to attract more viewers' inner emotions. This is the unique feature of her works. Like a mirror, it is the natural pouring out of meditation. "Those things that are visible or invisible are fascinating; for example, if the strong sunlight reflects on the ground of terrazzo, you see a blank space, but you cannot see the pattern of the terrazzo. Then is the whiteness real or not real? …the only thing real is time. Therefore, speed, gravity, evaporation, floating, fluctuation... the interlacing of different temporalities, and capturing the true meaning of perception through creation, are the ways of observing the world." Following this context, the creation becomes a clue to brighten the perception of time, which exists in the space and forms a realm where the wind is still but the flowers are still falling, an aesthetic concept of the contrast of stillness and motion.

About the cross-border cooperation of "The Place Where There Is No Darkness", Yaman responded: "The starting point of this project is the exploration of perception, whether it is a Web3 virtual platform or an art museum physical platform. The consistent goals are to inspire our transformation of thoughts in perspective dimension, sensory experience, and thinking practice. During this transformation process, a new creative economy will be derived, and this development is the value of future art. Inviting Kaohsiung sound experimental musician Fangyi Liu to co-create, in fact, is also to hope that through such a border-crossing process, more people can see the voices of creators in different fields; and through Chef André Chiang and chef de cuisine Shimpei Hirose and their different artistic sublimations for the form of taste, it condenses the enthusiasm of hundreds of people behind our team to pursue perfection. Under the current situation that there are still many problems to be overcome on the technology side of virtual platforms, we can stimulate new creative forms through cooperation time and again."

"'Synesthesia' is the focus of the cross-border cooperation this time. Take sound and visual art as an example. These two senses have already created a memory relationship in culture and are internalized in our life experience, such that bass makes one think of dark colors because it relatively occurs more in caves and at night. On the contrary, bright sounds tends to link to metals, and it connects us to the feeling of light. Realizing the dialogue between visual art and sound creation may bring about the transformation of pop music and design creation. The source of this is that we are more sensitive to perception, and that we further develop a new perspective to see the world, and jointly create a culture that belongs to this era. "

This project will co-create a song with music producer George Chen in June. “The Place Where There Is No Darkness” is a fantastic journey of synesthesia of visual art to cross the field to sound, taste, and pop music creation. We invite you to come and experience this exciting era of various current intertwining creativity.

The Place Where There Is No Darkness

Period:From 15th April 2022 to 1st January 2023, presents 3 chapters of interdisciplinary art performance
Located at:ALIEN Art Centre 2F
Visual Art:​Shao Yung-Tien (S.Y.T.), Yaman Shao
Visual—Gustatory synesthesia:André Chiang、Shinpei Hirose
Visual—Music synesthesia:George Chen
Visual—Auditory synesthesia:Fangyi Liu

Curated by:ALIEN Art
Organizer:ALIEN Art Centre
Supported by:Silks Club、THE UKAI TAIPEI、Ukai-tei Kaohsiung、YUIMOM Residence
Special thanks to YUIMOM GROUP

​Shao Yung-Tien (S.Y.T.) Without Darkness. 2021. Acrylic on canvas. 189x189cm. Exhibition View at ALIEN Art Centre. Photo: ALIEN Art.

Yaman Shao. The Hands of Sunlight. 2021. Single channel video, colour, silent. 0'35", loop. Exhibition View at ALIEN Art Centre. Photo: ALIEN Art.

Yaman Shao, The Entrance of the Dream. 2021. 236x118cm. Acrylic paint on canvas. Exhibition View at ALIEN Art Centre. Photo: ALIEN Art.

Yaman Shao. The Light from the Distant Stars. 2021. Oil on canvas. 160x135 cm. Exhibition View at ALIEN Art Centre. Photo: ALIEN Art.

The Place Where There Is No Darkness. Exhibition View at ALIEN Art Centre. Photo: ALIEN Art.

Yaman Shao. The Miracle Four Minutes. 2021. Single channel video, colour, silent. 4'00", loop. Exhibition View at ALIEN Art Centre. Photo: ALIEN Art.

Yaman Shao. The End of Light. 2021. Oil on canvas. 91x116.5cm. Exhibition View at ALIEN Art Centre. Photo: ALIEN Art.